How CyberSherpas Doubled Their Deal Size with Cynomi

MSSPs, MSPs and consulting firms leverage Cynomi’s AI-powered, automated vCISO platform to continuously assess client cybersecurity posture, build strategic remediation plans and execute them to reduce risk

At a Glance


Agoda, an international hospitality company with over 7,000 employees around the world


Agoda needed a highly effective next generation email security solution to protect against all threat types including advanced attacks, phishing, BEC, ATO, and APTs.


Perception Point Advanced Email Security


In 3 months Perception Point:

  • Scanned over 31.6M root files
  • Scanned ~21M embedded les & URLs, ensuring no malicious content was concealed
  • Identified and prevented 55k malicious events and 1.1M spam emails
  • Scanned all traffic at an average of 4 seconds.


CyberSherpas is an information security consulting and professional services firm that provides subscription-based vCISO services. Established as a subsidiary of management consulting and professional services firm New Century Solutions (NCS) which was established in 2003, CyberSherpas allows NCS to provide enterprise technology and security services to their wide range of Federal, State, and Fortune 1000 clients.

The Challenge

The majority of the company’s engagements with clients consisted of periodic penetration tests, one-off security or compliance assessments, and biannual audits. These services left clients with intermittent insights into their cybersecurity posture and partial protection, an approach that does not line up with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape their clients are facing.

“Providing our clients a low-frequency/high-risk testing schedule is insufficient because guess what? The bad guys are testing their systems every day. In addition, the day after we do our assessment, if the client makes a change to that system, the results of our testing become significantly less relevant.” Thomas Scott, CEO of CyberSherpas

The company decided to revolutionize its consulting model, transitioning from sporadic engagements to a subscription-based paradigm. This strategic shift aimed to provide clients with proactive and continuous cybersecurity services that ensure cyber resilience. To support this shift, CyberSherpas needed a system that could structure and streamline their work processes, provide them with security insights and support their strategic decision-making needs, so the team could remain laser-focused on results and answering clients’ security needs.

Additionally, CyberSherpas were managing their multiple clients through disparate spreadsheets and documents. This proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. The management recognized the need for a solution that could automate operations, offer full visibility, and support a sustainable subscription model.

The Solution

Cynomi’s vCISO platform emerged as the transformative solution to CyberSherpas’ challenges.

With Cynomi, CyberSherpas were able to achieve their goal of transitioning from one-off engagements to a subscription model. Thanks to Cynomi’s ability to simplify and streamline CyberSherpas’s work processes, it became easier for the team to provide continuous and professional vCISO services to clients.

In addition, with Cynomi’s user-friendly dashboard, both CyberSherpas and their clients can see their current compliance and security posture at any given moment. This is key to achieving better security and compliance.

“The dashboard tells you where you are, it tells you where you are going, and it lists out the tasks necessary to get there.”
Thomas Scott, CEO of CyberSherpas

The platform’s unified dashboard for all managed accounts—a “single pane of glass”—also allows the CyberSherpas team to seamlessly manage multiple clients. This consolidated approach replaced their reliance on spreadsheets and documents, significantly reducing the time spent searching for customer and framework data, arranging it and analyzing it.

“Having an AI machine learning platform with a really cool dashboard allows me the ability to better manage each and every one of my clients.” Thomas Scott, CEO of CyberSherpas

The Impact

The adoption of Cynomi’s platform delivered concrete and measurable value to CyberSherpas and its clients:

Revenue Doubling:

By converting biannual audit clients to the subscription model enabled by Cynomi, CyberSherpas witnessed a substantial doubling of annual revenue from these clients.

Continuous Monitoring and Visibility:

Cynomi’s vCISO platform facilitated continuous monitoring of clients’ cybersecurity and compliance posture, enabling them to easily track, alert and act on client risk.

Enhanced Security:

Cynomi enabled CyberSherpas to take a proactive approach, enhancing clients’ cybersecurity while demonstrating tangible value to clients through the measurable reduction of potential security risks.

Operational Efficiency:

The consolidated platform significantly reduced operational overhead. CyberSherapas team’s time, previously spent navigating spreadsheets and documents, was now redirected to delivering high-quality services. This operational efficiency translated into tangible time and cost savings.

Comprehensive Support Framework:

Cynomi’s comprehensive support, covering onboarding, training, and account management, ensured a smooth transition for CyberSherpas. This support framework contributed to the success of CyberSherpas as a vCISO services provider.

“With Cynomi, we were able to take a client and move them to a much lower risk posture by engaging them in virtual CISO services subscription versus one-off engagements.” Thomas Scott, CEO of CyberSherpas

Cynomi’s platform not only empowered CyberSherpas to overcome challenges and streamline operations, but also delivered monetary value in terms of increased revenue, enhanced cybersecurity and improved operational efficiency.