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Provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance Assessments

Use Cases

Leveraging Cynomi’s AI-powered, automated vCISO platform, managed service providers and consulting firms can offer comprehensive compliance assessments for multiple frameworks such as ISO27001 or CISv8, delivering automatically-generated tailored policies and strategic remediation plans with prioritized tasks to each client.

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Use Cases
Simplify Assessment

Simplify Assessment

Automate the manual, time-consuming work of compliance assessments to save time and allow focusing on closing compliance gaps

Expedite Remediation

Expedite Remediation

Use Cynomi's automatically-generated remediation plan to eliminate the planning hassle and start working on the most effective tasks

Stand Out, Grow Revenue

Stand Out, Grow Revenue

Offer comprehensive compliance assessments that stand out in the market without the need to develop in-house expertise or scale your existing resources

Platform Capabilities

Guided questionnaires, express scans

Cynomi tailors the relevant questionnaires and scans to automatically build each client’s cyber profile.

After an initial discovery questionnaire, Cynomi provides relevant intuitive, concise and visual questionnaires for each client.

Cynomi performs express external scans to uncover critical vulnerabilities in externally visible IPs and URLs, including ports, protocols, encryption, web sites, etc.

Cynomi internal scans are available for Office365, Active Directory (AD) and endpoint security configuration


Tailored security policies

Cynomi automatically generates a tailor-made set of easy-to-follow, actionable, NIST-based policies, adjusted based on your client’s cyber profile, relevant regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks.

These policies include:

Access | Awareness | Workstations | Servers | Domain and DNS | Email and Messages | Risk Management | Incident Response | Logging and Monitoring | Network | Remote Access | Office365 | Active Directory | Compliance and Auditing | Data Protection | HR | Password | SaaS | Physical Infrastructure | Website | Secure Software Development | Vulnerability Management | Workstations and Mobile


Remediation Plan with actionable, prioritized tasks

Cynomi’s proprietary AI algorithm creates remediation tasks, analyzes the relevancy and impact of each task, and generates a CISO-like, prioritized task list.

Each task is explained in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy to follow and implement.​

Task types range from technical controls and procedures (administrative) to configuration of security components and much more

Vulnerabilities and exploits gap analysis

Cynomi illuminates the vulnerabilities to which each client is exposed and prioritizes simple and clear remediation steps.

Risk score for specific threat vectors

Cynomi calculates a cyber protection score for each client’s specific risks - including ransomware, data leaks, fraud and website defacement, so you can measure and track your client’s risk for each. You can also adjust task priorities according to the risk score.

Customer-facing Reports​

Cynomi includes a built-in customer-facing reporting suite. This enables providers to deliver branded, real-time, exportable status and progress reports for customer stakeholders – operations and management alike.

These reports show security level, improvement trends, compliance gaps and comparison with industry benchmarks – helping you easily show the progress you helped them make.

The ideal platform for service providers​

A single-pane-of-glass view of all your clients.
Create and manage accounts per client including users, permissions and access.

The Cynomi Platform Difference


Prioritize Based on Impact

Cynomi prioritizes tasks and shows the impact of each, so you can better decide where to expend your and each client’s resources for maximum results


Gain Complete Visibility

Cynomi illuminates each client’s current cybersecurity posture, compliance status and risk level - so both you and your clients are always in the know


Show Value Over Time

Cynomi tracks and measures your client’s security posture, compliance readiness and risk level over time, so you can continuously show progress and demonstrate your value


Manage Cyber Posture

Cynomi continuously assesses your client’s security posture, risk level and compliance readiness. Policies, remediation plans and task criticality are automatically updated based on changes in the client’s environment, industry standards and the external threat landscape


Focus on Execution

Cynomi automates and speeds the manual vCISO work of performing risk and compliance assessments. It automatically creates strategic remediation plans with prioritized tasks, so you can focus on their ongoing execution, reducing the dependency on in-house security expertise


Maintain Compliance

Cynomi performs automated compliance readiness assessments for each client, then creates an actionable plan with prioritized task list to achieve and maintain compliance while tracking progress

How to Expand into Compliance Readiness

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