Introducing Cynomi’s New Compliance Readiness Module: Manage Compliance and Security in One Place ​

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Introducing Cynomi’s New Compliance Readiness Module: Manage Compliance and Security in One Place ​

Compliance has become an inseparable part of doing business. With cyber threats on the rise and the growing importance of data, complying with policies and regulations like NIST, ISO27001, or CISv8 has become the norm. In addition, companies that wish to become a part of the supply chain for large enterprises or the government, are required to comply with regulations or with security frameworks such as NIST and CIS. In some cases, regulated businesses that choose a different path could face detrimental effects, like hefty fines, reputational damage and loss of customer trust.

Cynomi and Compliance

Despite the growing importance of being compliant, many organizations lack the internal skill set, time, or other required resources to achieve this goal. Therefore, they need their IT security service provider or vCISOs to help them effectively manage and monitor the process. This includes mapping their current compliance status, listing the required tasks for achieving compliance with their chosen framework(s) and tracking their progress. 

We’re proud to share that we’ve added new compliance capabilities and features to Cynomi that empower vCISO, MSPs and MSSPs, so they can help their customers meet their compliance needs. Cynomi now enables you to gain a clear understanding of your compliance coverage, seamlessly integrated with your security assessment. You can now guide your customers through strategic and informed decision-making about both your security or compliance status, without duplicating efforts. Compliance management has become accessible in just a few clicks.

Meet the Compliance Readiness Module

The Cynomi Compliance Readiness Module is a dedicated area for all your compliance needs, making management and monitoring actionable and easy to use.

The Compliance Readiness Module introduces several new key capabilities:

  1. Compliance Dashboard: Gain immediate insights into your compliance status by viewing and understanding the status of each compliance framework and your overall progress, at a glance.

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  1. Control View: Gain visibility into your compliance status and progress at a framework-level. Users can select a specific framework and view its related controls, their requirements, implementation status and associated tasks’ status. Plus, users can drill down into each task and add or view any relevant actions that were taken.


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  1. Seamless Navigation: View both your security posture and your compliance statuses. Switch between security and compliance views effortlessly.


  1. Compliance Framework Mapping: Easily understand the compliance impact of each task you complete. All security tasks are now mapped to relevant compliance frameworks, providing clear context for each one.

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  1. Compliance Reports: Generate comprehensive compliance readiness reports effortlessly, prepared for seamless sharing with end-customers. Streamline collaboration and effortlessly share your compliance status.

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  1. Assess and Plan: Get a clear roadmap for achieving compliance. Cynomi makes  compliance readiness assessment easier, quicker and more efficient through automation, creating an actionable plan and a prioritized task list for achieving and managing compliance for each user.


When to Use the Compliance Readiness Module

The Compliance Readiness Module can be used for a number of different use cases. A non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Initial Compliance Assessment – The module can serve as your starting point for achieving compliance. It will help you map out the company’s current compliance status and provide a clear roadmap.
  • Ongoing Compliance Management – Compliance is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. The module’s features like the Compliance Dashboard and Control View allow for continuous monitoring and management of your compliance status.
  • Pre-Audit Preparation – If the organization is preparing for an external audit, the Compliance Readiness Module can help save you time and resources. Manage the organization’s compliance status, map the required remaining tasks, track progress and produce comprehensive readiness reports effortlessly, which can be shared with auditors or end-customers.
  • Resource Optimization – If the organization lacks the internal skill set or resources to manage compliance, this module automates many of the tasks involved, making it easier to achieve and maintain compliance without straining your resources.
  • Decision-Making – vCISOs and other decision-makers can benefit from the actionable insights provided by this module. It allows for informed decisions to be made quickly, without having to sift through multiple platforms or attempting to understand the framework lingo.
  • Engagement and Evangelism – The module streamlines the process of collaboration and transparency around the organization’s compliance status. This enables more effective engagement with stakeholders and end-customers, and also creates a persuasive message you can share with your customer leadership about the importance of compliance.
  • Compliance Plans and Strategy – The Compliance Readiness Module enables you to create, manage and track strategic compliance plans. For example, deciding on a new framework you want to follow, mapping the required tasks and tracking their progress.

The Role of MSPs and MSSPs

MSPs and MSSPs play a vital role in assisting their clients to adhere to IT security frameworks. This task can be challenging, especially for service providers who are not well-versed in the specialized compliance and framework terminology or when attempting to translate the abstract requirements of these frameworks into operational tasks.

This challenge is magnified when there is an absence of in-house compliance expertise. This issue is not uncommon; in fact, according to “The State of the Virtual CISO 2023“ report, 40% of IT leaders state that limited security or compliance knowledge is a top challenge for providing vCISO services.

However, there is a solution to mitigating these challenges. A specialized platform that can untangle these complex frameworks and translate them into actionable tasks can be a game-changer for MSPs and MSSPs. Such platforms serve as invaluable tools for MSPs and MSSPs, enabling them to navigate IT security frameworks, ensure their clients’ compliance and solidify their own reputation as reliable and competent service providers.

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