Guide: How to Scale Your vCISO Services Profitably

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Cynomi x Model Technology and Woziniak

Wozniak chooses Model Technology based on Cynomi partnership

“One of the things that impressed me most about Model when we were considering them as an outside provider for internet security was their Cynomi portal.”

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Stephen Parsons - Chief Executive Officer

VISO uses Cynomi to provide a quality vCISO service to more clients with the same team

“Cynomi has given us speed, efficiency and quality. The time it takes to deliver a cyber assessment has been greatly reduced, by about 50%”

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Model Technology Solutions gains new customers and experiences business growth using the Cynomi platform

“We have seen an increase in new customers as well as more opportunities with existing customers through the use of Cynomi”

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Chris Bevil Chief Information Officer at InfoSystems

MSP and MSSP InfoSystems uses Cynomi to drive revenues adding new services

“Cynomi allows us to use vCISO services at scale, and sell additional services to the customers”

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Phillip Walker CEO at Network Solutions Provider

Network Solutions Provider MSSP chooses Cynomi to scale vCISO services

“Cynomi does 75-80% of the heavy lifting in terms of man-hours for us. The ROI on this partnership is amazing”

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Efrem Gonzalez Founder and CEO at Tech Refresh

Tec Refresh MSSP leverages Cynomi to offer vCISO services at scale and grow margins

“Cynomi gets us into more meetings with clients. It enabled our MSSP to cut the time invested in providing vCISO services, scale it, and drive more business”

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