How LevCo Technologies Set Themselves Up for Scale with Cynomi

LevCo leveraged Cynomi’s compliance module to standardize and structure their compliance management services. They saved time and resources, ensured consistency and can now onboard less experienced employees and scale their services.


At a Glance


LevCo Technologies provides security, compliance and IT services to clients. This includes compliance management for HIPAA, FTC Safeguards Rule, CMC, NIST, PCI DSS, GDPR and other frameworks. With a team of 20 employees and as well as additional contractors, LevCo helps businesses remain secure and compliant.


  • Manual assets like spreadsheets and notes for compliance management
  • Unstructured processes that depended on management’s involvement
  • Long and inefficient operations
  • Inability to replicate methods
  • Inhibited scaling


  • Structure and standardize the compliance process with Cynomi
  • Map compliance tasks and requirements in Cynomi
  • Easily generate compliance policies and reports
  • Cynomi as a central location for continuous and one-off compliance management
  • Quickly onboard new employees through Cynomi


  • Saving days of work through efficient processes
  • Compliance management process standardization
  • Easy onboarding for new employees
  • Setting the foundation for providing compliance services at scalability
  • Resource effectiveness leading to higher margins


LevCo Technologies is an MSP that provides managed security services and professional services to their clients. LevCo provides a wide range of security and compliance services. Their security services portfolio includes vCISO services, vulnerability management and disaster recovery. Compliance services cover HIPAA, FTC Safeguards Rule, CMC, NIST, PCI DSS, GDPR, and other frameworks. They also offer IT and cloud services.

LevCo, employing 20 full-time staff and engaging multiple contractors, serves clients from a diverse set of industries, who usually do not have an in-house security team. LevCo’s services ensure that these businesses remain secure and compliant, freeing them up to run their business.

The Challenge

LevCo manages compliance as a multi-layered effort, which includes administrative work and technological implementations. LevCo’s comprehensive compliance package is made up of an eight-step process, which comprises the assessment, implementation and a compliance kit. The kit includes the compliance assessment, documents they need to file, sanction reports, all the client’s policies and procedures, disciplinary reports, and much more.

To manage this process, LevCo relied on manual assets and processes. They used spreadsheets, word documents, simple data repositories and even notes. As part of their work with each client, they developed a master template in a spreadsheet, which included downloaded reports, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and large volumes of additional information.

This made the whole process long and inefficient, with a single report taking 40 hours to complete.

“Our goal was to take our compliance business and streamline it so it doesn’t take us 40 hours to generate a compliance report.”

Matt Levy, COO, LevCo Technologies

In addition, these manual activities made the process unstructured. When the team wanted to scale their compliance and vCISO services by adding more employees to these teams, it was difficult for Michael Coburn, the CEO, and Matt Levy, the COO, to replicate the process, distribute the workload and grow.  They weren’t able to find a way to onboard and train less experienced employees while preserving high-quality services for their clients.

“It was hard for new employees to understand what we were doing. We couldn’t replicate the process since we ran it from our brains.”

Matt Levy, COO, LevCo Technologies

The Solution

LevCo chose Cynomi to support their compliance management and vCISO services. LevCo uses Cynomi to streamline their vCISO services and leverages Cynomi’s compliance readiness module. Cynomi supports LevCo’s compliance assessments, map tasks to compliance requirements and frameworks, generate compliance reports, and gain visibility into their client’s compliance posture.

Cynomi has significantly simplified, structured and organized the process of providing the compliance kit and compliance services to clients. This standardization has made the compliance data more consistent and transformed their work methods, making them more process-driven.

“Cynomi really closes the loop and organizes our offerings much better than what we have in the business.”

Michael Coburn, CEO, LevCo Technologies

Currently, approximately a third of LevCo’s employees use Cynomi, as well as a number of their clients. In the future, LevCo plans to scale the process with Cynomi and hand over the reins entirely to team members, project managers and engineers.

The Impact

With Cynomi, LevCo’s management gained from:

More Than 80% in Time Savings

Cynomi allows LevCo to save time when responding to client’s requests. Instead of manually writing and organizing information or combing through documents, LevCo can instantly generate reports and policies through Cynomi. This saves them hours, and even days, of work. For example, generating reports takes LevCo merely 20 minutes instead of 1-2 hours.

“I just went in Cynomi, sent them the policies, and boom, I was done.”

Matt Levy, COO, LevCo Technologies

Deliverables Consistency and Standardization

Cynomi’s structured processes allow LevCo to conduct their compliance assessments and processes in a process-driven manner. This consistency has made the processes more organized, setting the team up for scale, and ensuring clients receive high quality deliverables.

“We brought in Cynomi to streamline our compliance offer.”

Matt Levy, COO, LevCo Technologies

Scalability and Growth

LevCo’s goal is to grow their compliance and vCISO  business line. Cynomi helps by providing a digital platform that can be used by LevCo’s employees, at different levels of expertise. With all the information in Cynomi rather than the CEO’s and the COO’s minds, there is no manual roadblock to scaling. Cynomi’s easy onboarding supports the process further.

Increased Margins

Standardization, scale and time savings enable LevCo to use their resources more efficiently. This resulted in higher margins.

Cynomi is an integral part of LevCo’s plan for the upcoming year and a major driver in their revenue growth goals.