6 Ways to Drive MSP/MSSP Business Revenue with Cynomi

6 Ways to Drive MSP-MSSP Business Revenue with Cynomi

6 Ways to Drive MSP/MSSP Business Revenue with Cynomi

MSPs, MSSPs and consultancies can enhance their revenue, boost sales, scale their business and improve operations with Cynomi’s vCISO platform. Whether you are providing ongoing services or delivering on-off cybersecurity projects, Cynomi enables you to assess your clients’ security and compliance posture while providing valuable security insights. Then, you can use Cynomi to present your findings in clear dashboards or easy to consume reports, and manage security plans and tasks in an automated and streamlined manner.

In this article, we outline six key use cases MSPs/MSSPs can use Cynomi for. Follow along and give your business the boost it needs in 2024.

Use Case #1: Providing Continuous vCISO or Managed Cybersecurity Services

Leverage Cynomi’s capabilities and insights to offer your customer long-term and comprehensive cybersecurity management services that will ensure your customers are cyber resilient and provide you with recurring revenue. These services are also known as vCISO services, fractional CISO services, CISO-as-a-Service, or cybersecurity consulting.

With Cynomi’s platform you will be able to assess your client’s security posture with built-in questionnaires and external scans, obtain valuable information like the security domains that need fixing or compliance gap analysis, create a remediation plan and security policies to implement, plan the upselling of your own services, and present critical findings in an easy-to-understand dashboard. All that without spending precious time on manual gap analysis, planning, and reporting. Once your plan with the customer is approved, you can use Cynomi for ongoing management and tracking of security tasks throughout the year and to show the customer your progress in enhancing their security.

Use Case #2: Conducting Cybersecurity Projects

Cynomi also supports MSPs and MSSPs conducting one-off cybersecurity advisory or management projects. Cynomi will provide you with questionnaires and scanning capabilities you need to evaluate the client’s security posture, while alerting you about security domains that need fixing. Cynomi also allows you to map and create a plan for a short or long term project, depending on the customer need and project scope. You can also leverage Cynomi to better understand which of your additional services you can upsell to address the specific customer’s needs. The Cynomi platform also provides you with dashboards and reports so you can demonstrate the critical security findings to IT, security teams and stakeholders. To track security tasks and demonstrate your progress during the project, use Cynomi’s task management capabilities.

Use Case #3: Value-Added Reselling (VAR)

In this use case, you can enhance your revenue by reselling access to the Cynomi SaaS platform, along with your support hours. In this case, Cynomi is used by SMBs’ in-house cybersecurity or IT professionals helping them manage their cybersecurity in an efficient and professional manner. Show your client how Cynomi allows them to conduct security assessments, build a security plan, and track it – adding value to their cybersecurity plans.

Use Case #4: Running Cybersecurity Assessments

This one-off service enables you to use Cynomi to create a detailed cybersecurity posture report for your clients. First, you will be able to assess the client’s security posture using Cynomi’s built-in questionnaires and external scans. Leveraging Cynomi’s automation and AI capabilities, you will get this done quickly. Then, Cynomi provides valuable information like the security domains that need fixing and immediate gaps that should be prioritized. Third, you will be able to upload Nessus scans and/or Microsoft Secure Score CSVs. Once you’ve completed the assessment and planned which of your own services to upsell, you can present these findings in Cynomi’s easy-to-understand dashboard, provide a full report, and use the task page to offer a suggested follow-up plan.

Use Case #5: Running Cybersecurity & Compliance Assessments

Similar to the cybersecurity assessment, this one-off service also includes compliance aspects covering various security frameworks and regulations including ISO 27001, CISv8, NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, and more. On top of the capabilities listed in use case #4 (see above), Cynomi’s compliance management capabilities allow identifying the compliance posture of controls while highlighting gaps that need to be fixed. Once you’ve completed the compliance readiness assessment, you can present findings in Cynomi’s dashboard, provide a full compliance report at the click of a button, and offer a suggested follow-up plan. Finally, the compliance view will also allow you to show the compliance vs. the security status when you present these findings to the management.

Use Case #6: Prospecting

The goal of the sixth and final use case is acquiring new clients. In this case, Cynomi is a sales initiation tool, showcasing the value of the services that you offer. Use Cynomi to conduct a quick complimentary cybersecurity assessment to prospects and demonstrate potential needs they may have, as well as the solutions you provide. Cynomi’s questionnaires and external scanning capabilities allow you to evaluate your prospects, export, send the report and follow up with an assessment (and sales) meeting.

With the growing need for cybersecurity services, many SMBs and SMEs will be on the lookout for MSPs/MSSPs that can answer their security needs. With Cynomi, you can leverage this demand and enhance your revenue, while providing quality security services to your clients.

Check out our case studies for real-life examples of Cynomi partners sharing how they improved their business measures with Cynomi.

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