Guide: How to Scale Your vCISO Services Profitably

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Virtual Lunch & Learn: Jesse Miller

Virtual Lunch & Learn: How to Increase Engagement with Your Cybersecurity Clients

Join Cynomi’s virtual session with Jesse Miller, founder of PowerPSA Consulting founder and industry veteran CISO/vCISO Jesse Miller, this Cynomi session is perfect for MSPs, MSSPs, and cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their client engagement.

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Change healthcare lunch and learn

Virtual Lunch & Learn: The Change Healthcare Ransomware Incident: Lessons Learned for MSPs and MSSPs

Join Cynomi’s virtual session with Mike Wilkes, a seasoned CISO and the Director of Cyber Operations at The Security Agency covering the change healthcare ransomware attack.

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5 steps to vCISO success webinar

On-demand webinar: 5 Steps to vCISO Success

Watch to learn from vCISO expert Jesse Miller, what the vCISO’s first 100 days should look like.

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Webinar: Learn how vCISOs & MSSPs can address AI/LLM security threats. Presented by Cynomi and Hacker News.

On-demand webinar: How vCISOs and MSSPs can protect their clients from AI and LLM related risks

Watch to better understand the AI-related cyber risks as well as practical tips for vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs on how to protect customers from these threats.

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Cynomi: Unlocking business growth with vCISO services

On-demand webinar: Unlocking business growth with vCISO services

Watch to hear from MSP leaders including Netrix, Entara, and Xperteks about their real-life journeys growing their vCISO business.

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Riding the vCISO wave - How to provide full vCISO services

On-demand webinar: Riding the vCISO wave – How to provide full vCISO services

Watch to learn about the key roles and responsibilities of the vCISO, what makes vCISO services a lucrative offering, and what it really takes to provide full vCISO services.

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tips webinar

On-demand webinar: Tips from MSSPs to MSSPs: Starting a vCISO Practice

A panel discussion between three MSSP leaders who have already done that, on what to consider when starting a virtual CISO practice

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